Potosi: A Mystery From Beyond


The question, "What is Potosi" has been a real head scratcher for the explorers of the day. The creature, which was first found as a host on the planet Deus, is a marvellous testimony to the process of evolution and what it can imagine. Biologists studying specimen brought back by recon astronauts are reportedly scratching their heads as to why this extra-terrestrial lifeform evolved in the form that it did. Perhaps even more bizarre is that, unlike life on earth, which evolved into various forms to fit various ecological niches, the Potosi is the only known host of the planet. No other lifeforms, single-celled or multicellular, inhabit Deus.

Various postulates have been put for to explain this. An interesting one is that perchance the Potosi creature did not evolve on the planet, but is in fact alien, and must have been brought there. The theory of course fails to explain the logistics of how this could have happened, as the creature does not seem to be a particularly intelligent, far from a lifeform capable of space travel. Furthermore, no spaceship-like apparatus has been discovered by the multiple probes that have been scanning the planet since it was discovered by humans decades ago. A camp believing in this theory is that the Potosi did not bring itself to the planet, but it was instead brought on by a natural event such as an asteroid collision from a different system. Now, logically, this sounds like nonsense, considering the planet-ending energy released in an asteroid impact which is impossible for typical life to survive. But that is the thing, the Potosi is not typical. Preliminary tests have also indicated that it is very resistant and resilient to various forms of shock. Despite this, it sounds like a stretch to say it could have survived the detonation of multiple thermonuclear weapons, while hitching a ride on the very bomb.

A different theory attempts to explain it that the ecological environment in Deus is only suitable for a creature such as Potosi to evolve. There are two ways to look at it. First, that only Potosi evolved, and any life form that appeared could not compete with it for resources. A second view is that, through convergent evolution, all life forms on the planet turned into Potosi, it being the best suited to survive. This theory is supported in part by carcinization that has been observed on earth, where everything is evolving into crabs. It could be possible, it is argued, that Potosi is the crab of Deus.


The strangest thing of the creature is its form. From visual observation, it appears to be entirely structured of a semi-transparent goo-ish substance. Its body has been observed to be malleable and behave fluidlike under certain circumstances. It has also been observed to glow, and it is suspected to be able to absorb various forms of radiation. A theory put forth by Prof Karoki, the lead biologist at AETPS (Association of Extra-Terrestrial Planets Scientists), is that through this radiation absorption, the Potosi can get the energy for its sustenance. According to Prof Karoki, the Potosi is just a plant that can walk.


However, the bluish hue of the creature, as noted by Dr Leng, is non-optimal for the main light wavelength produced by LR-42, the star orbited by Deus. "It just doesn't seem optimal for the creature that is the supposed to be the perfect fit for its ecological environment, it should have been purplish to make the most use of the light from the (red dwarf) LR-42." She has previously stated.